What we do

Cholesbury-cum-St Leonards Parish Council is the first tier of local government, and works closely with both Chiltern District Council and Bucks County Council. The Parish Council is represented by 7 parish councillors and the administration of parish council activities is managed by a parish clerk.

The Parish Council income is derived in the main from an annual ‘parish precept’ raised as part of the Council Tax. The current annual precept, less than £10k, funds the administrative and other functions of the Council so that it can carry out three main responsibilities; to represent the local community, to look after certain local facilities, and to work to improve community wellbeing.

Representing the local community
An important role of the Council is to represent the views and concerns of the local community and respond to proposals which might impact on them.

  • Planning proposals can be a cause of concern and in the case of planning applications  the Parish Council strives to ensure the views of local residents are reflected to the planning Authority (Chiltern District Council). Planning matters are regularly dealt with at meetings of the parish council, but when urgent issues arise a meeting of the Planning Committee can be called at short notice. The Council responds in writing to Chiltern District Council on local planning applications on which it has concerns and, where appropriate, makes representations at District Council Planning Committee meetings. Equally important is drawing potential infringements of development policies to the Planning Enforcement  team at the District Council.
  • From time to time the Parish Council is called upon to respond to consultations on a range of more major proposals. Recent examples include High Speed 2, Luton Airport expansion. NATS Airspace proposals, Chiltern DC Strategic Plan and Development Planning consultations. See the Consultations section.

Local facilities
The Council provides the Springall Hill Allotments , maintains The Green at Buckland Common, and pays for dog waste bins at St Leonards Playing Fields and Hawridge and Cholesbury Cricket Ground. The Council also maintains noticeboards. the millennium seat in Cholesbury and benches on Buckland Common.

Community wellbeing
The Parish Council recognises it has an important role in improving community well-being. This is achieved in a number of ways. For example, by:-

  • providing grants to the village halls and funding the installation of a cardiac defibrillator at Cholesbury Village Hall,
  • pressing for improved road maintenance, retention of winter gritting and snow clearance
  • campaigning for the installation of Superfast Broadband,
  • securing funding for conserving the rural village environment.